IBIA: “Key drivers” of football channelization

Brazil can benefit from increased channelization due to its special affection for football. The sport is estimated to account for 85.2% of Brazil’s total wins in 2024.

Football, which accounts for 56% of the global regulatory betting market total wins, is expected to produce $53 billion in GGR from revenue of about $570 billion in 2024, nearly two-thirds (65%) of which will be delivered online.

IBIA’s research shows channelization is lower in markets that limit football betting products. Portugal and Germany, which offer only a fifth of the football betting markets available in Italy, lag far behind in terms of channelization. 파친코

Tennis is also performing particularly strongly in Europe, with the continent accounting for 60% of the world’s tennis GGR. ITF tours have been banned in some jurisdictions due to concerns over integrity, although the IBIA states that blanket bans are “unproductive” to channeling.

Matching the availability of International Tennis Federation (ITF) products with Spain and Italy would give Portugal an additional $122 million in tax revenue, an IBIA investigation found.

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