Montenegro’s ban on electronic payments raises industry concerns

While Montenegro’s amendment to the gambling law bans the use of electronic payment methods, it has led to concerns about Montenegro’s gambling sector, and Montenegro Bett CEO Yovana Klitsch said the industry was “at a crossroads.”

The amendment to Article 68f of the Montenegro Gambling Act disables various electronic payment methods such as e-banking and mobile payments when depositing into a betting account.

Now, the change means that bettors in Montenegro have two options if they want to bet online. Players can enter betting shops and make monetary cash bets, which transfer online funds to their accounts. Alternatively, players can make payments through cards but only on the betting shop’s handsets. 스포츠토토

The provision stirred up a stir in the Montenegro industry, with gambling companies concerned about the impact the amendment would have on their businesses. A petition to halt the change received 25,000 signatures in just five days, about 8% of voters.

Yovanah Klitsch, head of Montenegrin trade association Montenegrin Bet, slammed the potential impact on job security for people working in the gambling sector, saying the country’s gambling industry was “at a crossroads.”

“As the sector directly or indirectly employs nearly 2% of the country’s workforce in a 15% unemployment environment, any negative impact on the industry could have very damaging and far-reaching consequences,” Klitsch says.

“The elimination of e-banking and news agents for deposits is not only impacting operational efficiency, despite compliance and transparency, but jeopardizing jobs, which is detrimental to Montenegro’s broader economy.”

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