“I scored 25 ball touches each in the first and second half of Arsenal.”

“If you think you’re important, you should also know how to give up your pride,” Henri said. “I scored 25 ball touches each in the first and second half of Arsenal.” However, he only did it four times in Barcelona. That fact was not easy for me to accept,” he confessed. In other words, he could not record many personal records because he had few touches on his ball.

Henri explained that he was not pessimistic about this. “What are you trying to achieve as a player? “You have to decide whether you want to score a lot of goals or win the competition,” he said. “Of course, it’s best to win six trophies while doing well.” “With Messi, I was able to give up my record for a great cause,” he said.

Henry became king of London with 228 goals in 375 games for Arsenal. Since he played for eight seasons, he has scored slightly less than 30 goals per season.

It was different in Barcelona. He scored 19 goals in 47 games in 2007/08 and 26 goals in 42 games in 2008/09 and could not bring his record to Spain. Of course it was a great record, but not as much as Arsenal. But Henri has no complaints. Thanks to Messi and Barcelona, he was able to add his long-cherished ‘Big Year’ to his career.

Henry said, “It is pointed out that Messi walks a lot. However, if you look at him well, he runs like crazy when he catches the ball even while walking, he said. “The strikers know it, but it’s very hard to dribble while holding the ball and running.” “It’s because you have to overcome physical fights at the same time as finding a path to pass, make a judgment to beat defenders with dribbles, and get tackled.”

However, it is Henri’s testimony that Messi does all this easily. “It’s hard to run like that, so it’s natural to walk,” Henri said, adding, “And if you can win me, I don’t mind walking all day.” Henry also left a lesson for prospects who dribble mostly but don’t produce decisive situations. 스포츠토토

“Promising people, but don’t think about doing it like Messi. “We’re talking about Lionel Messi,” he said, making the panel laugh again. In other words, if you can’t do it like Messi, you shouldn’t do it like Messi.

The four retired soccer players recalled what it was like to be in Barcelona while looking at Henri’s various footprints. “I realized the joy of forward pressure under Pep Guardiola,” Henri said, recalling that he was happy during his Barcelona days. He asked striker-turned-Shearer and Lineker for consent, saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if you let me play for Manchester City now?” and concluded the story by comparing the strongest team of the day and the strongest team of the modern era, saying, “Playing for Barcelona at the time is the same as playing for Manchester City now.”

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