Football Association Accuses Ivan Toney of Violating Betting Rules

The Football Association has charged the famous Brentford striker Ivan Toney with 232 counts of violating gambling laws. This may prevent him from playing. With the World Cup just around the corner, this is a significant loss for both the players and England’s World Cup squad.

Charges were filed Wednesday after a football association investigation into a series of violations over the past four years. 파친코

This is not the first violation in English football history. Recently, in 2020, Kieran Trippier was not allowed to play as he shared secret information about his transfer to Atletico Madrid with his friends. He was out of action for 10 weeks and had to pay a £70,000 fee. Trippier went so far as to appeal to FIFA, claiming he had not made any financial gains from the breach, but the appeal was rejected.

Daniel Sturridge has also been banned for six weeks and has shared information about his next move. He appealed, but only the punishment was extended, so he couldn’t play for four months.

The main reason for the indictment of an English player is under strict football association law: all football players who sign contracts with English teams are not allowed to bet on football or even ask others to bet on their behalf. It is also prohibited from sharing any information that may be used for betting purposes. The consequences of these actions can be really serious.

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