“I can’t play for my current team again”

Nizar Cancellah, who is in charge of Tottenham in the leading British newspaper Evening Standard, made the claim. On the 28th, he made the claim while delivering an update on Tottenham’s injured players. He was newly recruited this season but was confident that the injured three would not be able to return within this year.

“I don’t think James Maddison and Mickey Panderpen will be able to return before the first day of the new year,” Kinsella said. “This is the same for Ryan Sessegnon and Manor Solomon.” Except for Sessegnon, the players were brought in by new coach Ange Postecoglou last summer to strengthen their power. As soon as they came to Tottenham, they were successfully adjusting and increasing their performance, but they moved to injury wards in a flash. 스포츠토토

Panderpen and Madison were both substituted due to injuries in their home games against Chelsea on July 7. Panderpen suddenly grabbed his leg and collapsed while chasing after Chelsea to prevent its counterattack. He is currently rehabilitating due to a hamstring injury in the back of his thigh. Madison also left the game during the match against Chelsea due to an injured knee. Madison recently spent his birthday in the Middle East and announced that he will not return for a while.

Solomon, who was hired as a side backup, also injured his knee. He got hurt earlier than Madison and Panderpen, but he will not be able to return within this year. Sessegnon is an existing player but has a long-term injury. He has lost his hamstring since February but has no promise. However, all of them are expected to be useful once Tottenham returns from injury. On the other hand, 34-year-old Perisic is different. Kinsella nailed Perisic that “I suffered a cruciate ligament injury, but I can never play for Tottenham again.”

Perisic collapsed in mid-September, and Tottenham said at the time that Perisic had been confirmed to have injured his compound anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee. “He was injured during non-contact training and will undergo surgery. Perisic will start rehabilitation with medical staff. He is expected to miss the rest of the season,” he said, signaling that he will be out of the season.

In other words, Kinsella can hardly return to Tottenham in the 2023/24 season, but Kinsella seems to explain why he cannot accompany Tottenham in reality at the end of his contract period. Perisic came to Tottenham last season thanks to Antonio Conte’s recommendation. He made his Premier League debut at 33. Although Korean fans criticized him for overlapping with Son, his left-footed cross was still useful and he ranked first in Premier League assists among Tottenham players last season.

His future was unclear when Postecoglou arrived, but as the new coach praised Perisic in the pre-season, he went on to replace Perisic in five consecutive Premier League games this season. However, he suffered a fatal injury and considering his progress after surgery, it will be difficult for Tottenham to utilize Perisic again next season.

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