I can’t believe I have to empty my home stadium because of Taylor Swift’s performance…

Taylor Swift, one of the world’s hottest female pop singers, is currently performing on the Eras Tour, a world tour. Following the U.S., she recently performed in Brazil, South America, and tens of thousands of fans packed the venue to watch Swift perform despite the hot weather.

Swift’s world tour will continue next year. Among them, she is scheduled to tour Lyon in France in June next year. However, some teams have been hit with ammunition due to Swift’s tour. It is Lyon, a prestigious French top-flight team. 슬롯머신

The Sun of the U.K. reported on Sunday that the team cannot use the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro when the team is struggling to secure potential demotion due to the sluggishness of the season. That is why the team is said to have a headache from now on. Currently, the team is at the bottom of the 18 teams with seven points. It is also at the bottom of the list of teams subject to demotion.

In particular, Lyon is a team that has never been demoted since 1989, and is on the verge of falling to the second division for the first time in 34 years.

Under these circumstances, the prospect is that Taylor Swift’s performance could lead to serious relegation problems.

Lyon had just one win, four draws and eight losses through the 13th round this season. The 15th and last to be eliminated from the relegation zone is RC Strasbourg Alsace, which is six points behind.

Lyon replaced Laurent Blanc in September and Fabio Grosso recently, and Pierre Sage is currently serving as interim coach. This is the third coach this season alone. The coach is becoming Paris’ life due to his poor performance.

With Lyon highly likely to be demoted, Lyon may not be able to shake off the big potential problem at the end of the season. They may not be able to escape the relegation zone until then.

If Lyon moves up to 16th in the league standings for the rest of the season, they still have to go through a playoff that determines relegation and staying. The date of the game is Sunday, June 2, next year. They must play the winning team in the League Two promotion playoffs at the 60,000-seat Grupama Stadium in Lyon.

However, Swift’s Lyon performance is scheduled for June 2nd and 3rd. She has already sold out concert tickets, but it has been sold out. Currently, Swift’s performances are sold out wherever she goes.

If a playoff is held, Lyon has to give away its home ground due to Swift and play in a neutral stadium. Of course, if the team escapes from the relegation zone early on, it does not have to worry about such things. However, as Lyon is currently playing in the goalie, there is no guarantee.

Lyon was a strong French team just three seasons ago. It was strong enough to advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League, but in three years, it became a neighborhood drum. Lyon has not dropped to the French second division since 1989.

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