Qatar, the host country of the Asian Cup, abruptly broke up with Queiroz… a boon to the competitors

The Qatari Football Association announced the termination of its contract with Carlos Queiroz on its official channel on Thursday. The Qatari Football Association stated that it had parted ways with Queiroz based on mutual agreement. 온라인경마

The timing was out of the blue. Qatar will host the 2023 Asian Cup. The tournament will open on January 12 next year. It is only about a month before the opening of the event. It is uncertain whether it will be able to hold the event properly if it breaks up with the coach at this point.

The clear reason why the Qatar Football Association broke up with coach Queiroz is not yet known. However, no matter what the reason is, it will be a huge negative factor for Qatar. This is because no matter who comes as the new head coach, he has to enter the tournament without properly working together.

Queiroz took over as the head coach of Qatar in February. In fact, it was the designation for the Asian Cup. For about 10 months, Qatar has been doing well under Queiroz. Despite the 0-4 defeat by Iran in October, it changed the mood by keeping an easy target against Afghanistan and India in November’s World Cup qualifiers.

Queiroz is an experienced leader. He is a well-known coach in Asia. He led Iran for a long time from 2011 to 2019, and once again took the helm of Iran last year.

Queiroz also has bad relationships with Korea. When Choi Kang-hee was leading the Korean national team in 2013, he caused controversy by swearing with his fist after the last match of the final qualifying round. As he is also a threatening coach in terms of skills, working as the head coach of other Asian countries is a concern for Korea.

Qatar was included in Group A along with China, Tajikistan and Lebanon. It is highly likely that any coach will pass the group stage, but a crisis can come from the tournament round. Qatar, which suffered disgrace at last year’s World Cup as the host country, is already facing a major variable in its bid to recover its reputation at the Asian Cup.

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