Hard Rock Casino Owners Tentatively Agree With Union Members After Six-Week Strike

A tentative collective agreement was reached after a mediation process weeks after the strike began between Hard Rock casino workers in Coquitlam and their employers. The two sides reached a compromise more than 15 months after negotiations began.

Casino workers who voted to become part of British Columbia’s public sector employees union two years ago have been trying to agree some terms with the Great Canadian gaming company since January 2017. Now, if the union agrees and ratifies the agreement, it will be the first collective agreement ever between the two parties.

Stephanie Smith, chairman of the British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU), described the tentative agreement as a solid first. In an interview with local media earlier this week, Smith explained that the committee involved in the negotiation process was satisfied with the tentative agreement. According to her, this is a pioneering agreement that can actually set standards for casino employees in British Columbia.

Jimmy Haw, general manager of Hard Rock Casino, also explained that the company was happy with the tentative deal and shared his hopes that union members would approve it. As reported by The Star Vancouver, he declined to comment further on the matter until members voted for the agreement.

Tentative agreement after more than 15 months of negotiations
As previously stated in the casino report, mediation between the two sides began after 400 casino employees staged a six-week unpaid strike. In mid-May, it became clear that Hard Rock Casino Vancouver was continuing to operate despite employees striking with management.

Tensions over a labor dispute between casino owners and workers escalated earlier this month, as unions demanded local lottery regulators intervene and persuade Hard Rock casino owners to return to the negotiating table. As Mr Smith said, the British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC) refused to intervene, but still wrote to the workers’ union to acknowledge the petition. 슬롯머신사이트

Unionized workers at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver decided to quit their jobs on May 11 and go on strike, and the gambling facility is understaffed but still in operation.

The strike began after employees represented by BCGEU rejected a collective agreement proposed by casino owners. Negotiations on the new contract have been on the table for more than 15 months but have not been reached so far, with 400 workers rejecting a number of “reasonable” proposals, according to the union.

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