Korea Expressway Corporation’s success rate of attack in the second set fell to 20%. It was less than half of the 46.67% recorded by Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life started Kim Soo-ji instead of Kim Chae-yeon. The opponent Vukirich’s two offensive errors and Yelena’s open gave them a 3-0 advantage. Director Kim Jong-min asked Park Eun-ji for operation time and encouraged her, “If you receive, use Bae Yuna confidently.” However, Bae Yuna and Vukirich’s serve were out, which was hampered by errors.

Heungkuk Life’s Run has begun. Kim Soo-ji’s quick attack and Kim Yeon-kyung’s quick open made it 8-3. Kim Yeon-kyung’s opening and Kim Mi-yeon’s serve to end the long rally made it 10-3. Kim Yeon-kyung’s quick open broke out and ran to 11-3. 파칭코

The Korea Expressway Corporation sought to turn the tables by calling operational time. However, he was less determined to attack. He failed to score at once, allowing the opponent to fight back. 6-13 Ko Ui-jeong was put in place of Seo Moon-won.

Heungkuk Life scored with Yelena, Kim Yeon-kyung, and Kim Mi-yeon, making a 17-7 wedge. Yelena’s serve made it 20-8 with ease. The Korea Expressway Corporation hired Lee Ye-dam without Choi Ga-eun.

Since then, Heungkuk Life has made it 22-9 with Kim Mi-yeon’s quick open. Instead of Kim Mi-yeon, Park Su-yeon was added to gain experience. Yelena’s rear attack made it 23-9, and Kim Yeon-kyung’s opening made it 24-10. Park Eun-seo was put in Kim Soo-ji’s serve turn. Opponent Tanacha’s serve caught the net and completed 25 points.

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