G-Dragon to discuss K-pop’s technological future at KAIST event

K-pop star G-Dragon / Courtesy of Galaxy Corporation

K-pop star G-Dragon will stage a performance and join a talk show at “Innovate Korea 2024” — an annual event featuring some 500 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology — at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s (KAIST) Lyu Keun-Chul Sports Complex in Daejeon on June 5.His agency, Galaxy Corporation, announced Tuesday that the 35-year-old will take part in the talk show along with the company’s CEO Choi Yong-ho and KAIST President Lee Kwang-hyung.The announcement came a few months after G-Dragon made headlines by attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world’s largest tech fairs, in Las Vegas in January. Considering his interest in technology, G-Dragon is expected to address its roles in the future of K-pop in the upcoming discussion.G-Dragon, the leader of the iconic boy group BIGBANG, joined the AI metaverse company Galaxy Corporation in 2023 after departing from YG Entertainment.Galaxy Corporation recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with KAIST to secure different technologies to expand the K-pop industry globally.

Their partnership began in 2022 when KAIST’s president delivered a speech using a virtual avatar during the graduation ceremony with the help of Galaxy Corporation. KAIST is known as the first university in the world to make such an attempt.With the new partnership, Galaxy Corporation will present a new fandom platform utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), showing how music and technology can be combined to create something unprecedented.”We will collaborate with KAIST to secure technologies for our global expansion,” CEO Choi said. “We are currently preparing for the first-ever AI metaverse concert that Sphere, a large-sized music and entertainment arena in Las Vegas, plans to host.”Meanwhile, G-Dragon is poised to make a comeback later this year, about seven years after dropping his second mini-album “Kwon Ji Yong” in 2017. He was initially set to release a new music offering last year, but he had to postpone his plan after being accused of drug 메이저 use. After being cleared of the allegations, 

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