DC reports 30.8% increase in sports betting handling in February

About $15.7 million (12.6 million euros/14.7 million euros) in sports bets were made in DC in March, 30.8% higher than February’s figure of $12 million. However, handling was down 13.3% year-on-year, with DC receiving $18.1 million in sports bets in March 2023.

DC also saw sports betting revenue jump to $1.4 million from $1.2 million in February. But that was well below the $2.3 million generated in the same month last year. 토토사이트 순위

Caesar Still Leading DC For Earnings
In February, Caesars held a narrow lead in D.C. Then another strong showing in March, cementing its top spot in the market.

Caesars posted a gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $655,302 in March, 66.2% higher than the $394,223 in second-place Gambet DC. This revenue gap has placed a $6.9 million bet on Caesars’ $4.7 million, despite the Gambet DC run by DC Lottery and run by Intralot.

BetMGM remained in third place with a $3.4 million handle and a GGR of $223,499. Meanwhile, FanDuel reported a handle and a GGR of $471,335 and $42,385, respectively.

Online sports betting is now subcontracted to FanDuel
In March, the DC Lottery and Gaming Directorate (OLG) announced that it would lift Gambet DC. The ongoing contract expires on July 14. OLG approved Intralot’s request, prompting FanDuel to take over the sports betting platform.

OLG also said it would seek approval from the DC City Council for a two-year extension to the Intralot contract. If the deal is approved, FanDuel could have a two-year advantageous start to online sports betting in DC before other operators enter the digital market.

OLG launched FanDuel’s online platform on Apr. 15. The Gambet DC kiosk will be replaced by FanDuel products at ground-level locations.

Despite being the only online sportsbook available statewide, GambetDC has consistently underperformed, with it being overtaken by Caesars. Criticism has been raised that it is difficult to navigate, as well as the possibility of GambetDC.

Further changes may come. DC’s current system has raised questions about whether the state can be better served in an open and competitive market.

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