BetMGM Establishs Program for Problem Gamblers in Colorado

BetMGM, a sports betting and iGaming operator, and Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a pioneering mental health service provider dedicated to supporting individuals facing issues related to problem gambling, today announced a groundbreaking program in Colorado that has revolutionized how problem gamblers access essential mental health services. These first-of-its-kind partnerships will give self-excluded players direct access to comprehensive mental health diagnostics and group support services.

The pilot program provides resources for players in need to schedule an immediate appointment with a professional problem gambling outpatient care provider through telehealth services. As part of this partnership, gamblers who are self-excluded from Colorado’s BetMGM platform will be able to receive a free mental health diagnosis and have access to a range of peer support and training groups designed to begin their recovery journey. 경마사이트

Adam Greenblatt, CEO of BetMGM, said, “It is important that the sports betting industry continues to invest and innovate in this area.” “Kindbridge is a leader in developing world-class mental health care that understands the unique issues associated with gambling addiction. We are eager to advocate for growth and expansion that links problem gamblers to the critical services they need.”

In recognition of its progressive approach to game regulation, the Colorado gaming sector played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership through new rules that in October mandated operators to have a robust risk scoring system for problem gambling detection and a quick response communication strategy. BetMGM and Kindbridge have joined forces to overcome these requirements, marking a pivotal moment in their journey toward a safer and more supportive gambling environment.

“A relationship like this makes it much easier for people seeking treatment to quickly access the services they need,” said Daniel Umfleet, founder and CEO of Kindbridge Behavioral Health. “Together, Kindbridge and BetMGM are committed to creating the right kind of connectivity between the gaming industry and health care services that will positively impact lives.”

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