B2B content and aggregation platform REEVO has joined forces with EvoPlay

This exciting partnership will bring a new dimension to the game services available to operators and players.

With this partnership, Revo’s operational partners will now have the opportunity to integrate the attractive Evo play of video slots, tables, classical and instant games.

EvoPlay is recognized for its innovative gameplay and dedication to design excellence. With a portfolio of more than 200 slots, tables, and instant games, EvoPlay continues to aim to provide players with the highest level of experience. 경마사이트

This partnership highlights the strengths of both companies working together to enhance the player experience through collaborative efforts.

REEVO has joined more than 70 game providers to offer more than 8,000 games, including slot, crash and table games, as well as live gaming experiences. This extensive collection comes from respected third-party vendors with support for free rounds. Continuing its commitment to improvements, REEVO plans to add more than 60 new game providers in 2023.

Petra Maria Pula, head of sales at Rievo, said, “This is an interesting leap forward for Rievo. By seamlessly integrating EvoPlay’s dynamic and interactive games into Liebo’s expanded repertoire, we are providing operators with unprecedented opportunities to increase delivery.”

Vladimir Malacci, Chief Commercial Officer of EvoPlay, added. “Through our partnership with Lievo, we combine fascinating gaming with signature gamification tools to engage players around the world.

This collaboration highlights our united commitment to breaking the boundaries of the player experience and achieving remarkable progress in business growth. Please watch the release of many collaborative projects that will result from this synergy.”

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