“You’ll be scared after the growth pain ends”

James Harden (34) and Paul George (33) predicted an optimistic future for the Clippers.

The Los Angeles Clippers, which includes the two, lost 111-108 against the Denver Nuggets (9 wins and 2 losses) on the 15th. Despite the defeat, George was active with 35 points, seven rebounds, three assists, and three steals, including four three-point shots, while Harden showed the best performance since joining the Clippers with 21 points and four assists, including three three-point shots.

During the first half, Clippers coach Lou quickly called a timeout as Denver’s Kentavius Caldwell-Pope made a 3-pointer and ran away 44-39. Kawhi Leonard, George, Ivica Zubacz, P.J. Tucker and Russell Westbrook gathered, and coach Tyrone Lue discussed his next offensive plan with the coaching staff.

At the same time, Harden was informed that he would replace Westbrook. In response, Harden was placed in a situation where he had to inform Westbrook of the replacement himself. “I got him,” Harden said, striking him in the chest after standing next to Westbrook and drawing attention once. Westbrook looked into the air with a surprised look on his face. He didn’t seem to know he would be replaced at that point.

As time passed, Harden was replaced by Westbrook again with 5:20 left before the end of the fourth quarter. Westbrook was then put in for defense just two seconds with 15 seconds left before going back to the bench. This scene seemed to imply the Clippers’ bumpy future ahead.

Coach Lu will have to constantly think about how to keep all stars happy for the remaining 72 games to save the Clippers, who have lost three games and lost six in a row. “This will be the biggest challenge for me,” Lu said in an interview after the game. “The biggest thing is to make these players sacrifice for people, including the start and finish of the game, shots, ball touches, and pick and roll.” I’m ready to sacrifice these players throughout the season,” he said, expressing his confidence.

Harden explained that the Clippers are now in the process of growing pains, “communicating and making sure they’re doing their part through preparation and knowing where we’re trying to go.”

“Coaching staff and teammates talked about what was effective in making the Clippers the best team. We’re not winning at the moment, but we’re more than ever trying to find a balance,” he added.

“I’m using the first 10 games to adapt to actual NBA games. “It will take some time because I wasn’t in the training camp,” he said, asking for a little while. 스포츠토토

Recalling his 21 points on the day, Harden said, “Everyone will be scared if they find out about this. We are getting higher and higher,” he said in a positive attitude.

Meanwhile, George also said, “We all respect these adjustments. It’s simple. We have to sacrifice and we understand that. No one is against it and not frustrated,” he said, confident that the Clippers players are armed with a sacrificial spirit.

“There is only one ball and four people who can handle it. We must understand and embrace that. I just want to make each other better, but I don’t complain at all about what’s coming out of this process,” he said, noting that he works well with Westbrook, Harden and Leonard.

However, George, who recalled the game against Denver, said, “We had to play a little better against the defending champion,” adding, “We had a lot of positives, but tonight we showed more of a team that almost crossed the hump,” but was confident that he would perform even better in the future.

Meanwhile, the Clippers started the game 0-5 after signing for Westbrook last season. Clippers players think it’s better to go through such a period early in the season and try to reorganize patiently.

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