Women Subjected to British Study on Gambling Victims

The winner of the recent Gamble Wear grant was a team led by Kelsey Benninger, along with Maria Panin, Sharon Collard, Dominic Webb and Marina Smith.

The program is based on mixed methods (multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approaches) and takes approximately 18 months. This study will include interviews and active communication with gambling-hit women about community committees. 경마사이트

According to Alison Clare, director of research at GambleAware, women have never been a major subject in such studies. That’s why women’s experience of gambling damage has always been neglected without interest. It is also an important step in raising gambling awareness among all social groups. The goal of GambleAware is to ensure more responsible and secure gambling across all races, genders, ethnic groups, and so on.

the main objectives of the program
This study is another important issue about the gambling evils of British women as a way to find out what women’s real experiences of gambling, what are the most common evils, how gambling activities affect women, and what are treatments for women’s gambling addiction.

The program will also include initiating future measures, policies, and treatments to lower the level of gambling damage for women.

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