Ontario Temporary Closure of Casino Closed

On behalf of the Ontario government, Governor Doug Ford recently announced that he has taken a step back on the road map to reopen and close casinos in the region. Recent casino news shows that the COVID-19 situation is taking shape, and there are more and more cases caused by the latest variant of the virus, Omicron. Therefore, the new measures will take effect on January 5 and last until January 26.

Hundreds will be temporarily out of work in the next 21 days. Gateway Casino and Entertainment, key figures in the gambling market, sent a memo to employees about the temporary shutdown. In this internal memo, the company notifies employees that all operations of the company will be temporarily suspended from 12:01 a.m. this Wednesday (January 5). 슬롯머신

In addition, the memo states that the gateway is willing to help prevent the spread of the dangerous virus and that the health and safety of its employees are a top priority.

Gateway spokesman Robert Mitchell said he could not provide further details on the number of employees affected by the situation. But he added that the company should follow these rules and follow what is provided by government guidelines to overcome the crisis as soon as possible. And one more thing he’ll advise is to stay optimistic.

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