What’s next for Tomohiro Anraku?

What’s next for Tomohiro Anraku, the former Rakuten Golden Eagles pitcher who repeatedly assaulted and sexually harassed younger players?

After becoming a key member of the Rakuten pitching staff with three consecutive years of double-digit wins, including 25 in 2021, Anraku was later found to have repeatedly assaulted and sexually harassed younger players.

The club confirmed the allegations through an internal investigation involving 137 people, including players, coaching staff, and club officials, and removed Anraku from the roster.

“We sincerely apologize for the worrying and disturbing situation that occurred, and we are deeply remorseful that we did not create an environment where players could consult with us,” the club said on its official website.

“To prevent bullying and similar behavior from occurring in the future, we will set up a counseling center and implement measures to prevent recurrence, such as continuous education.”

Japanese media outlet The Daily Gendai published an article on Saturday about the future of Anraku, who was accused of repeatedly assaulting and sexually harassing junior players. 바카라사이트 “The scandal has effectively ended his chances of playing in Nippon Professional Baseball. It is doubtful that any independent baseball team will accept him,” the article said.

Anraku’s chances of making it to the KBO are also virtually impossible, according to the outlet’s analysis.

The Daily Gendai explains, “South Korea only allows three foreign players on its roster, and all three cannot be pitchers or batters. Even if there are two pitchers, there are few spots for relievers like Anraku, as they are basically expected to start first or second.”

The Daily Gendai also reported, “South Korea is even stricter than Japan. If a player is caught drinking and driving, he is immediately dismissed from the team.”

“It’s not out of the question that he could get a chance on a short-term contract in Taiwanese baseball, which utilizes a lot of Japanese players,” the outlet said, adding, “It’s all self-inflicted, but he might get a chance to extend his career overseas.”

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