What are you talking about…Japan’s reaction “A 中 trial that warned South Korea, a just decision”

Chinese referees handed out warning cards to Korean players en masse. There were justifiable decisions, but they were particularly sensitive to Korean players. However, Japanese Internet users showed different reactions.

The Korean men’s soccer team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, won 3-1 against Bahrain in the first Group E match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup at 8:30 p.m. on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) at Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

The Korean national soccer team, which aims for the first time in 64 years since winning the Asian Cup in 1960, won its first group match, Bahrain, giving a green light to advance to the round of 16.

Despite their victory, they felt uncomfortable. Korean players were given yellow cards en masse, which resulted in yellow trouble. Even defensive midfielder Park Yong-woo in the 10th minute of the first half, defender Kim Min-jae in the 13th minute of the first half, and left fullback Lee Ki-je in the 28th minute of the first half were given yellow cards.

As the referee made a foul one step late in the course of breaking the counterattack, he could have given a warning card to any referee who made strict decisions on all three fouls. However, referee Maning of China, who was the referee of the match on the day, seemed to particularly care about cards against Bahrain, which frequently made fouls.

In the 27th minute of the first half, a Bahrain player from the right side caught Lee Kang-in and knocked him down, but the referee did not take out the card. A minute later, a warning card was immediately given to Lee Ki-je’s one-step late foul.

Referee Manning’s strange standards continued in the second half. In the first minute of the second half, a Bahraini player rushed from behind toward Son Heung-min who was receiving the ball from the left side. Son, who was shocked by strong tackle, fell on the ground for a while and couldn’t get up. However, there was no warning card. The referee didn’t take out the card even though it was a foul that had nothing to do with the ball.

In contrast, in the second half of the match, Cho Kyu-sung and Son Heung-min received warning cards. Cho Kyu-sung, who made a foul while competing with the opponent team’s defense, and Son, who displayed “honey- action,” deserved to collect the warning cards. However, they were regrettable when considering their equity with Bahraini players. Despite countless rough fouls, Bahrain received only two warning cards.

Japanese media also pointed out the issue of warning cards, which became an issue after the game. Japanese media outlet Soccer Digest said, “Korean media pointed out that the cause of Korea’s struggle against Bahrain was the referee.”

Japanese netizens posted various opinions on this topic. Among them, there were many comments that Korea’s “Yellow Trouble” would cause problems in the future. Most of the comments that received the most sympathy were in favor of the referee’s decision and pointed out the rough play of Korean players. 토토사이트 추천

“Most of them were justifiable decisions when Chinese referees gave them warning cards. It was never too strict a decision for Korea,” a netizen said. “Without the first few warning cards, the game could have been rougher afterwards. The referee did it to control the game.” The comment received more than 500 sympathy.

“I kept watching the game, but it was inevitable,” another netizen said. “On the contrary, I got the impression that the Bahraini players played a clean game. When the referee gave a warning about Son’s simulation, it was favorable to him.” The comment garnered more than 700 sympathy. It was the comment that garnered the most sympathy.

Meanwhile, South Korea will play the second and third group matches against Jordan on the 20th and Malaysia on the 25th.

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