We are going to play a poker tournament

Fius Heinz, Ben Lamb, and Martin Stazco will survive a grueling 10-hour race Sunday and play in the World Series of Poker Main Event Championship. The champion of the tournament will win $8,715,638. Matt Gianetti finished in fourth place, earning $3,012,700.

The raucous crowds inside the Penn and Teller Theatre in Rio were proving both a blessing and a curse for poker’s biggest stage, while Heinz, Lamb and Stazco made their way to Tuesday’s final.

Caesars has had tremendous success in turning the World Series of Poker Main Event final table into a loud, lively, crowd-pleasing crowd event.

Suspending the tournament for three months to allow TV broadcasts to catch up with the main event allows players to spend their time systematically and bring fans to Las Vegas to watch plays for life-changing money.

Fans sing, wear T-shirts, play drums, shake maracas, and cheer wildly day and night. 온라인경마

But the electric atmosphere began to disrupt gameplay. On Sunday, spectators cheered, sang and chanted when players were holding hands, when they weren’t, when others were trying to make big decisions, and on all other occasions. “Sssshhhh” was such a big deal on Sunday that it was the most talked about word.

Part of the problem is that there is no established etiquette about this like tennis. In tennis, they cheer between games, not during games. If WSOP doesn’t solve this problem, large audiences will begin to disrupt the game, and won’t help it. So how did Sunday’s behavior, which was completed with inappropriate cheering, work out? Head to the retro diaries.

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