Vegas Casino Now Accepts Cyber Currency Bitcoin

Las Vegas is gaining another novelty. Starting this week, customers will be able to pay for rooms, food and drinks at two downtown casinos using the online currency Bitcoin.

Casino D and Golden Gate, the oldest casino in the city, will receive Bitcoin at the hotel’s front desk from the 26th. Bitcoin will also be available at Company D’s gift shop and two restaurants. The only currency that can be received at the gambling place will remain in U.S. dollars.

Derek Stephens, co-owner of the two casinos, said he has been interested in Bitcoin for several years and has spoken to customers wondering if the casinos will use it.

He said it’s hard to predict how many guests will pay for dinner and souvenirs with Bitcoin, but he expected other casinos to adopt it soon.

“It will be somewhat interesting to see how it will affect us,” he said.

State regulators are unlikely to allow casinos to exchange chips for bitcoin anytime soon, according to A.G. Burnett, president of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. 메이저 토토사이트

The industry has not approached regulators about approving the call for gambling.

“We’re going to have to have a very high level of comfort for this kind of cryptocurrency to happen,” Burnett said.

Since its debut four years ago, Bitcoin has been gaining momentum as it moves into the mainstream, breaking the status of internet eccentricity.

Earlier this month, Salt Lake City-based retailer became the first major retailer to accept digital currency as payment for goods.

Unlike government-issued currency, Bitcoin’s value fluctuates rapidly. Like , the two casinos will use Bitcoin brokers who instantly exchange digital coins for dollars.

Advocates describe Bitcoin as the bedrock of a utopian economy. There are no borders, no fees, no closing times, no one telling you what money can and cannot do.

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