Understanding the game’s crash

Imagine you’re a retired game manager and you’re watching the surrounding industry collapse in the biggest recession of the modern casino era.

You take a deep breath, setting up lucky stars who would have retired, but wonder. What could I have done differently? What do I do now? 카지노사이트 순위

The Sun invited three former casino executives to Sunday’s conversation to honestly reflect on the gaming industry, benefiting 20-20 at the time, now and in the future.

Together, they talked about bad families, questionable decisions, getting caught up in the ongoing boom, second-guessing change strategies, and what they can and should learn about the industry and their customers.

The trio are Phil Satre, former CEO of Harah’s Entertainment, Don Snyder, former president of Boyd Gaming, and Glenn Christensen, former chief financial officer of Station Casino. Each is still active in business, civic, and philanthropy in southern Nevada, but what we wanted to explore was their days in the casino board room.

We wanted to get into their heads, and they allowed us. Here’s a look based on edited transcripts for length and clarity. We started this Sunday conversation by asking if they were fortunate to have left the business.

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