The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Online Casinos

The war in Ukraine doesn’t just affect the European economy. The gaming industry is also inevitable. Because many providers are responding to the war in their own way, there are sometimes restrictions and additional changes. Now we want to explain the most important effects:

FC Schalke 04 ends sponsorship with Gazprom
Sponsorship deals benefit both sides: for example, if a club owns its own stadium, the gambling provider or sports betting provider has the right to advertise through sponsorship deals. In this case, the sponsor’s banner will be hung. However, it is also possible for players to wear jerseys with sponsors’ names or motifs. This is also increasing the company’s popularity, especially since the games are broadcast on television in the top leagues.

In return, the clubs agree to a contract and receive financial support to support the club. FC Schalke 04, for example, has received €9 million annually from Gazprom since 2007. As soon as the club was promoted, that amount would have increased to 15 million euros a year. The club gave up this amount due to the war in Ukraine. Vivavest, a housing company from Gelsenkirchen, has been announced as a new sponsor, but the annual salary is only 4.5 million euros.

PokerStars Postpones Tour to Fall
PokerStars has been organizing the European Poker Tour for years, the second most popular tournament after the WSOP. The European Tour is the counterpart of the WSOP and takes place in Europe. It was supposed to start on March 18 in Sochi, a city on the Black Sea. The tournament should have run until March 27. Due to the war in Ukraine, the tournament is no longer possible. So, PokerStars set a new date for the fall.

It is not yet clear if the competition will actually take place in the fall. On the one hand, this depends on future development. On the other hand, the PokerStars announced a complete withdrawal from Russia. PokerStars is also following the example of other companies because this is happening at the insistence of many players. So you will be able to find other places for the competition in the fall. 온라인경마

aristocrat who shut down online games in Russia
The aristocrat, an Australian gambling operator, previously offered online gambling in Russia. They were removed shortly after the first attack on Ukraine. At the same time, the company tried to get employees working in Ukraine out of the war zone. More than two-thirds were already able to move. At the same time, the aristocrat announced that he was looking for another location in Poland for 1,000 employees.

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