The day after the ‘airplane disturbance’, he personally announced to the Dodgers… Ohtani took the lead until the end

It was also special to announce a new team like the best star in the Major League.

Shohei Ohtani said on his Instagram on the 9th local time, “I decided to choose the Dodgers as my next team,” along with the LA Dodgers logo.

Ohtani hasn’t had a single media interview since August. Even after winning the American League MVP award, he canceled the interview for no specific reason.

His agent Nez Valero warned clubs that he would not sign a contract with Otani if it became known publicly that he had contacted Otani. He did not appear at general manager meetings or winter meetings.

While consistent with this mystical strategy, he was busy outside.

A case in point is the “airplane disturbance” that occurred on the 8th local time. A private plane traveling from Orange County to Toronto, Ohtani’s residence, was spotted by fans, and fans and media expected that Ohtani, who was moving to sign with the Toronto Blue Jays, would have been on board.

Some media also reported news such as “Otani signed with Toronto” and “Otani is heading to Toronto.”

However, it was later revealed that Ohtani was not on the plane. The reporter, who reported that Ohtani was heading to Toronto, belatedly apologized publicly.

While everyone was playing like this, Ohtani sat comfortably at his house and continued his worries, and eventually chose the Dodgers.

There was also criticism of his thorough mysticism strategy, but he was the best star in the league and deserved to do as he wanted. 실시간 바카라사이트

Nevertheless, he also showed an apology on his Instagram, saying, “I apologize to all the fans and everyone in the baseball world for taking this long to make a decision.”

He also didn’t forget to thank his former team, the Los Angeles Angels, and their fans. In particular, he thanked his fans, saying, “Your support for me, when I was good and bad, is like the world to me.”

For the new Dodger fans, he said, “I will always do what is best for the team and always try to show the best version of myself. I will continue to work hard not only for the Dodgers but also for the baseball community until the last day of my career.”

Valero, his agent, said in an interview with local media including The New York Post, “We know that the media, fans, and industry have shown keen interest in the process. We thank you for your passion and consideration.”

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