The captain’s message ahead of the match against China…Son Heung-min’s strong demand, “Let’s make him breathe.”

The South Korean national soccer team (FIFA ranking 24th) led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann will face China (FIFA ranking 79th) in the second Group C match of the 2026 FIFA North-China World Cup (U.S.-Mexico-Canada) Asia 2nd qualifying round at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, at 9 p.m. on the 21st (Korea time).

The last training of the national team ahead of the match against China was revealed through the inside cam of the Korea Football Association. It was the last training where seriousness and amity coexisted. After the training, Son Heung-min briefly invited players as captain.

Son Heung-min said, “I think I trained very well today. In a way, it is the last game of the year to pour this well-prepared heart into the stadium tomorrow. Also, around the time of the Asian Cup, it’s the last game ahead of the important competition, and we have to be called off in a good atmosphere to gather at the Asian Cup and continue the good atmosphere, so let’s prepare well and play well.”

Son Heung-min then said, “The crowd will be full tomorrow, so let’s show them what kind of soccer we want to play and make them unable to breathe at all. “Let’s cheer up and win and go back well,” he said, burning his will to secure not only the results but also the contents. 안전놀이터

Son Heung-min intended to make China’s ‘publicity’ stronger, which has so far feared Korea in soccer. China is overwhelmingly inferior to South Korea in past matches with two wins, 13 draws and 21 losses. China only won against South Korea in February 2010 and March 2017.

Although it was not a national team match, the Asian Games national team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, easily defeated China 2-0 to reach the semifinals in the quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

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