Son Heung-min, who was summoned by the rumor that KBO will be paid for…Internet user said, “You should compare”

CJ ENM has been selected as the preferred bidder for the KBO League broadcasting rights project, and it is argued that domestic professional baseball broadcasts will have to be watched for a fee through CJ ENM’s OTT brand TVING. 온라인경마

While baseball fans are expected to strongly oppose the payment plan, some suggested that Son Heung-min’s English Premier League (EPL) game is already being paid for. Netizens have argued against the proposal, arguing that they agree or disagree with the proposal.

On the 9th, a number of posts related to KBO league broadcasting fees were posted on domestic online communities and SNS (social network services). This is the aftermath of the news that CJ ENM was selected as the preferred bidder for the KBO League broadcasting rights project earlier in the day.

Netizens were divided into those who supported and those who opposed the payment of KBO League broadcasting online, and argued. “In the past, broadcasting of EPL, where Son Heung-min plays, was free of charge, but now it is fully charged,” a netizen said.

A netizen who is negative about the payment said, “Because of its enormous popularity, can we put domestic professional baseball on the EPL, which is the most expensive broadcasting fee in the world?” and added, “We should compare it.”

Another netizen said, “In Korea, there are more KBO league fans than overseas soccer fans who watch Son Heung-min’s EPL games,” adding, “There is nothing that cannot be compared between professional baseball and Son Heung-min’s games in Korea.”

However, according to related industries, TVing is reportedly considering a direction to allow people to watch real-time streaming of KBO league games for free. TVing is expected to provide free real-time streaming viewing services, but consider additional paid options such as “quality, advertisement, and storage.”

When the negotiations for the broadcasting rights project between CJ ENM and KBO are completed, CJ ENM will have the right to broadcast live and wireless in Korea for the next three years, including KBO league games and major events. It will also have the right to stream VODs such as highlights and to resell them.

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