Son Heung-min is the best in personality. Surprise for Tottenham fans who have been fighting cancer for 10 years. “Can I hug you?” Fans are really touched

Tottenham posted a corner video called “Fan mail” on its official channel on the 20th (local time). It is an event in which a fan sends an e-mail with a story to a Tottenham player, and the player answers it.

The storytellers were the twin daughters of Tottenham fan Jimmy, who has been fighting cancer for 10 years. The two daughters sent a desperate handwritten letter to Son Heung-min, explaining how much their father loved Tottenham, what Tottenham means to their family after fighting the disease, and how much his father wanted to see Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min opened the letter and carefully read each word. He repeatedly choked up while reading the letter.

Three families visited the training center at Tottenham’s invitation. Son Heung-min appeared in front of his family while they were waiting on a couch. His face seemed to be mixed with tension and excitement. Son approached Jimmy with a bright expression and asked, “Can I hug you?” As soon as he said, “Yes. Of course,” he immediately offered him a heart-felt hug. 메이저 토토사이트

Son said, “I was really moved when I read the letter. I’m originally a sentimental person, but it touched my heart. I wanted to do something for you. I wanted to instill a good memory.” “I really didn’t expect him to appear like this, so it’s amazing,” he said with a reminiscent look.

Son signed his jersey on the spot and presented it to Jimmy. Then, he took the three family members to an outdoor training site and spent a meaningful time with the team, including Coach Engie Postecoglou. He also wrote in his own handwriting the reply. Son said, “I hope to fight the disease well until the end and see you again.” Sonny was a preacher for healing on the day.

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