“See you in Busan” 100 complete game legend → Proud sincerity toward “Golden Daughter”

On the 30th, a press conference hosted by the Korea Sports Council was held at the Sports Diplomacy Lounge of the Grand New Century Hotel in Hangzhou, China.

The press conference was attended by Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min, Lee Ho-joon, Yang Jae-hoon, Baek In-cheol and Ji Yoo-chan of the e-Sports League of Legends (LOL), Seo Jin-hyuk, Choi Woo-je, Jung Ji-hoon, Lee Sang-hyuk, Park Jae-hyuk, Ryu Min-seok, and Yoon Ji-soo of the fencing women’s sabre.

Yoon Ji-soo won the individual sabre event on the 26th. It is the first individual gold medal given to Korea in nine years since the 2014 Incheon Games.

For Yoon Ji-soo, it is a result of hard work after a long challenge. Yoon Ji-soo was the winning member of the Sabres team event at the time. Since then, he has challenged major tournaments for more than 10 years. As a result, he won a team gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games and a team bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. 토토사이트

However, I rarely had a relationship with individual exhibitions. Lee Ra-jin, Kim Ji-yeon, and other seniors failed to cross the wall.

She’s already 30, the oldest member of the Sabres national team. The responsibility of carrying the national team undergoing a generational shift, a chronic knee injury, bothered her. But he managed to poke the gold.

Yoon Ji-soo’s father is a former Lotte player Yoon Hak-gil, a KBO league legend. Currently, he is working as a KBO talent donation committee.

He played for Lotte for 11 years from 1986 to 1997, recording legendary records of 100 complete games and 20 complete runs. It is a brilliant career with 117 wins and seven double-digit wins. Yoon Ji-soo inherited his talent from his father.

“It is a happy Asian Games because all the fencing team players can go back with medals around their necks. I’m glad it’s my first gold medal in the individual competition. I will try to show better performance at the Paris Olympics.”

Yoon Ji-soo said, “My father said, ‘I’m so proud.’ I talked on the phone the day before yesterday, and he laughed, saying, “Come to Korea quickly and have a draft beer with my dad.”

“The team is Seoul, and the home is Busan. When I go to Busan, I often drink draft beer with my father, he added.

He also suffered a heartbreaking slump in the team event. Literally, I went back and forth between heaven and hell, joy and tears.

But it’s old enough to overcome it calmly. Yoon Ji-soo said, “It’s okay. It happens a lot during the season. Yesterday was just that day,” he said. “I will use it as a process for the 2024 Paris Olympics. My homework is to change it to a good result,” he said.

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