Funky Time Evolution

The blue chip design company has finally given up on the long-awaited sequel to their 2020 galaxy blockbuster hit Crazy Time. And the participants want to know: how can this product be measured in the giant shadow of its predecessor?

First of all, there’s a wonderful design that embraces the 1970s disco era in all its glory. The colors are bright and the dealers are colorful, and the overall visual representation demonstrates the design team’s mastery of the spectacle. The launch of game show styles like this is a big part of the game experience. You’re effectively expecting John Travolta, who is young and amazingly handsome, to jump out and start dancing in a white bugle suit!

But substance is much more important than style (in our opinion, anyway). And that’s where this game really shines. 파친코

The main wheel offers at least 17 betting options. Betting ranges start at $0.10, up to $10,000. In addition, thanks to the cumulative multiplier, the maximum multiplier can reach a very cool $10,000. This number will attract many people’s attention.

There are also four additional bonus features:

Bar Bonus appears in six wheel segments. In it, the robot bartender pours the cocktail. Participants choose this and hope to pay a serious payment. Also, a cylinder slot appears on the robot’s face, stacking a second multiplier in the first slot.
Stayin Alive appears only twice on the wheel and starts a richly complex mini-game that is very similar to bingo. The player chooses the color over the clock because the ball drawing machine determines which color goes up the ladder of the multiplier. This functionality ends when the color has lost three “lives” or achieved a multiplier of up to 10,000 times.
Disco is divided into three wheel segments and looks like a beating heart in the entire title. Mr. Funky dances on a virtual dance floor divided into 37 sections – more and more stackable multipliers are given as he dances! The game continues until all 37 sections are opened or Mr. Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor.
VIP Disco is only visible once on wheels, the same as Disco, but with greater rewards.
Above all, RTP is very powerful at 95.99%. This figure may not be as player-friendly as table games like Blackjack (i.e., when playing with a solid strategy), but it is advantageous compared to most slot and wheel games and completely throws Keno-like offers out of the water.

With this title, Evolution proves once again why it is so loved by Canadian gamblers. Every new release of the designer should be treated as a remarkable event, as the product proves!

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