Nexus Roulette Live

It’s a great problem to have! And one online casino industry has embraced a near-perfect roulette game.

A few approaches have been tried, certainly some great roulette variations that deal with the situation from a structural point of view. Of course, many titles try to distinguish themselves using innovative visual designs, unique themes, or TV game show-style presentations.

Using multiple wheels allows for a whole new approach to betting. It’s no longer a bet on where one ball will fall! Instead, players try to predict the results of all four laps. To put it mildly, it changes everything.

Roulette’s seasoned cognoscenti can see that it takes some time to adapt to this new model. For example, betting on Red is still possible. However, at least three wheels must end with a red result in order to get a victory result. Here are some of the ways in which betting works:

Straight – as usual, this bet contains one number. If you match your numbers on the main wheel, you’ll get a below-standard 28:1 dividend. On the other hand, things get sweeter when the number hits extra wheels. For example, if any two wheels fit your numbers, you get a 49:1 dividend. All four wheels will receive up to 5,000 times the reward.

Color – Classic red and black (neon is used instead of black) bets require at least three wheels to match the expected 2:1 color. If all four wheels fit the same color, win 4:1 instead.

Line – Six Line, Corner, Street, Split is the only ‘classic’ option that applies only to main wheels and standard payments. 온라인경마

Column – Similar to color bets, 12 column bets require at least 3 wheels to match to earn a 7:1 dividend. This increases to 19:1 if all four wheels confirm their bets.

Nexus – one of the unique betting options that comes with this title, which predicts that at least two wheels will get the same number as a result. The actual number is not important. It just needs to be the same on at least two wheels.

Wheel Sum – Another unique bet that predicts the sum of the results of all four wheels combined. Options are grouped into a range of possible outcomes to reflect classical even bets.

The game material is also solid, and its wide range of bets of $1-1,500 per spin allows players of varying bankroll sizes to win the title. Top Earnings Are 3,000X And RTP Makes Top Earnings At 97.3%!

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