Running World Series Poker can be difficult

Complaints about official playing cards began pouring in an hour after the series began in 2007. WSOP officials made contingency plans for various possible first-day disasters, but did not design the cards.

Still, players were unable to distinguish between a specific seat and six and nine. So, within 24 hours, WSOP officials had an American playing card company deliver 200 to 300 new setups a day. After four days, all cards were replaced. 바카라

“We tested the cards on focus groups, sent them to the player advisory board, and almost unanimously agreed on the design,” said Gary Thompson, Harah’s media director. “But when we put them into practice on a 12-foot table, it became clear pretty quickly that we had a problem. You plan, you plan, you plan, and that’s where the problem comes up.”

More than 50,000 poker players are expected to participate in the 2007 WSOP. And Rio de Janeiro, which requires 4,600 employees to run daily operations, is hiring an additional 700-800 employees to help the WSOP run smoothly, said Geno Iafrate, Rio’s deputy general manager.

Additional staff come from all over the world and work as dealers, cage staff, food and beverage servers, managers, and customer service staff. Each poker player has his or her own special request, and Iafrate and other WSOP team members must constantly plan to deploy staff in a way that maximizes customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t always work, but there’s no way you can please 50,000 people, as Thompson said. “All you can do is do your best.”

“You get 50,000 pound gorillas ready and 100,000 pound gorillas pop up,” said Howard Greenbaum, vice president of professional games at Hara Real Estate in Las Vegas. “The frustrating part is you can’t get it perfectly. But trust me, it’s rewarding to see Tim Zell make the best poker product in the world.”

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