Required information about Evolution Gaming

The two main benefits of making Evolution Gaming a leader in the gaming software market are licensing and regulatory solutions and its great emphasis on the development of full-fledged casino products. European operators choose the company because its services are safe and secure. Its coverage includes markets that have already been established and well regulated, as well as those that have newly entered the iGaming space. This approach makes Evolution Gaming very competitive.

Another important advantage is that companies often implement innovation in their products. It applies the latest technology to the solution, making them more up to date and attractive to the player. In addition, Evolution Gaming is not focused on selling one-off services. It continues to support customers and makes everything possible so that they can fully benefit from its products. It takes a separate approach and customizes the solution to the customer’s. 경마사이트프로

Evolution Gaming is developing a wide range of intercompany casino products. Among them are:

  1. Live gaming studio facilities – flexible systems that allow operators to provide live table services to players. It offers several solutions based on eight countries. That means operators get the opportunity to comply with all state regulations and launch live casinos adapted to the culture and language of the country.
  2. A game for a penniless gambling house.
  3. Mobile solutions that are compatible with all devices and mobile operating systems. Moreover, the game is optimized for all unique devices.
  4. Live Casino TV with betting.
  5. Customized gaming experience. As already mentioned, Evolution Gaming creates all the conditions for branding and promotion to customers. That’s why they have the opportunity to include personalized features in their products.

Every operator needs to know about the company’s business model

Data from the past few months showed the company’s operating income of 12,8307 euros. The average annual financial growth rate is 38%. These figures show that Evolution Gaming continues to evolve. It was entering European markets such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, etc. step by step.

The company’s business model allows you to expand your list of customers who can choose between standard offer packages or customized services. If the customer prefers a customized solution, Evolution Gaming is ready to develop a dedicated table and a brand table to meet the customer’s casino needs. The company receives a fixed fee as well as a fee for the services provided.

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