Recently, there is a high school soccer team A that performs well

About 13 graduates have entered the domestic professional team in the past two years. Eight of them joined certain clubs. It was testified that parents received a down payment from a professional club and gave tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won to a high school coach. It was difficult to ignore the coach who asked for a large amount of money due to hard work. One parent said, “It is the parents’ heart to wish their son well. Many parents had no choice but to comply with the request for supervision, he said.

The prosecution is intensively investigating back money transactions that occur in the process of college players joining the professional league. According to our newspaper’s report, high school players are trading back money in a similar way in the process of becoming professionals. 토토사이트

It is the high school coach who acts as a broker. The coach asks professional team leaders and employees to join. A professional team recruits the player. There are two kinds of rookie contracts. It is an S-grade contract that gives a down payment and unconditionally contracts an annual salary of 36 million won for the fifth and first years of the contract, and a general contract that only gives an annual salary without a down payment. It is the S-rated contract that is highly likely to cause corruption. The upper limit of the down payment is 150 million won. The club gives a down payment to the player, and the high school coach almost forcibly takes away a large amount of the down payment. Parents of A high school graduates said, “The parents do not know the information of the professional team rookie scout,” adding, “We have no choice but to rely on the coach because the discussion of joining the team takes place through the high school coach.” Five out of eight players who went to a specific professional team from High School A are S contracts with a down payment. More than half of the five received a down payment of 150 million won. Another graduate’s parents said, “It’s cognitive to want to settle down in the pro as soon as possible after joining the company. If his son fails to play in the professional league, he has no choice but to suspect a “delivery accident.”

High school teams are largely divided into academy teams (school teams), club teams, and professional youth teams. It is very difficult to go straight to the professional level right after graduating from high school. There is a high possibility of a backdoor deal. Some professional teams run the so-called ‘B team’. Team B is dominated by promising players and plays in the fourth division. The club that runs Team B has about 10 more players than the club that does not. Professional teams receive high school graduates and college dropouts for the operation of Team B. In other words, Team B, which is operated with the aim of fostering promising players, is also used as a secret channel to accept solicitors.

There is also a tip-off regarding the professional contract for youth players of professional teams. A small number of professional high school graduates who are recognized for their abilities go straight to professionals, but most fail and go to universities. I wait for the ‘protocol’ for three years in college. Three years is the period when a professional club maintains the right to hold graduates of its high school team. There are actually not many professional players during this period, and there is no reason to give them a down payment. However, some clubs pay a down payment. The possibility cannot be ruled out that some of the down payment will go to professional team leaders and employees as personnel expenses.

Back money transactions are made in cash. Of course, a professional club sends a down payment to the player’s own bank account. However, players and parents withdraw cash from their bank accounts and hand it to amateur leaders, professional team leaders, and employees. If a large amount of money has been withdrawn from the player’s and parents’ bank accounts, but the purpose is unclear, it is likely to be a backbench.

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