Pinup Casino presents Brazil’s Jogodo Vicho-inspired game

Pinup Casino is excited to lead the trend in the online gaming landscape and showcase games inspired by the nature and charm of Brazil’s classic lottery, Jogodu Vicho, on its exclusive iGaming platform. The move foreshadows an innovative approach by mixing tradition with the dynamics of modern games.

Originating in the 19th century, jogodu bicho was part of Brazil’s cultural tapestry. Developed by iMoon and exclusively present in PIN-UP casinos, the game encapsulates its spirit, allowing players to experience the essence of guessing animals behind the screen, but with a fresh twist that incorporates both animals and numbers.

Produced in partnership with iMoon, the traditional game features Brazilian experts to ensure a true source yet modern experience. Gamers can get into thrills from just 1 Real (approximately ˜0.2 USD) and enjoy 98% promising RTP. For those who want to let fate decide, the game offers random animal selection.

Katerina, gaming director at PIN-UP Casino, shared an insight into the launch: “Previous attempts to digitize the appeal of Jogodu Vicho have faced challenges. Deep into Brazil’s authenticity, our collaboration with iMoon builds a bridge between the legacy of gaming and the innovative aspects of today’s gaming. Players can now participate in this newly created classic, starting with an ordinary 1 BRL.”

Partners working with pin-up casinos and focusing on Brazilian traffic have a lot to celebrate. This innovative game can increase the platform’s appeal to Brazilian enthusiasts, potentially increasing user engagement and conversion rates. Affiliates can expect to take advantage of nostalgic but novel game additions to increase traction. 카지노사이트 순위

Beyond Brazil, PIN-UP casinos envision a game that resonates across borders given its simple mechanism, high RTP and cultural importance. While core concepts pay homage to Brazilian tradition, markets such as India and Turkiye can be hard to resist.

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