Ohio Votes to Legalize Sports Betting

The Ohio Senate approved a final change to the comprehensive sports games bill. Alternative House Bill 29 sets up a regulatory framework for online and in-store sports betting.
The bill covers three distinct game levels, each lasting five years:
Type A, mobile app license
Type B, brick and mortar workers
Type C, kiosks, and certain lottery retailers include certain businesses with certain liquor licenses
The Ohio Casino Control Board will be the main regulator overseeing the program, while the Ohio Lottery Board will act as a kiosk operating in the lottery retail space.

“This is more than a sports game bill, it’s an economic development bill that solves problems that are already happening,” said Senator Kirk Schring, R-Canton, whose knowledge and expertise secured the agreement. “This will make it legal, and it will generate revenue for the country as well as business development.”

Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima) praised the efforts that began in the Senate with a select committee studying sports games. 바카라

Huffman said, “This opportunity was an arduous effort to make it accessible across multiple platforms, not just to a single wealthy operator.”

Sen. Nathan Manning, R-North Ridgeville, who sponsored the first bill in the Senate, said, “This is a win for taxpayers, not a gamble. This will be a safe, professional, and reliable process overseen by the expertise of the Casino Control Board.”

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