Macau authorities expect no large-scale infections in the future, gradually opening up

Macau authorities have announced that the Chinese district will be “gradually open” for international and mainland visitors. COVID outbreaks in communities can no longer be controlled and mainland China policies are being revised to choose more flexible strategies.

Changes in Macau’s restrictive COVID policies are being carefully announced after the region has been effectively isolated for nearly three years, with the official noting that “future measures will not allow for large outbreaks” and that “we hope citizens can understand the characteristics of this pandemic.”

Secretary Lee Young confirmed his position on a gradual improvement in the COVID situation after data showed the Omicron virus was declining, and Lee said he would issue each anti-virus guideline.

An official said, “We will later release information with explanations and illustrations of what symptoms infected people may have,” adding, “We will inform infected people how to deal with the coronavirus and what the right drugs are.” 슬롯머신

Macau has been experiencing a severe wave of coronavirus infections since late November. However, the recent trend has been characterized by a lack of established bulk testing routines and mass closures of casinos, which recorded a significant drop in revenue in the previous quarter. Macau’s gaming revenue, for example, continued to decline throughout the year to hit its lowest level in November.

Total gaming revenue in the region was $481.6 million in November 2022, down 50.9% year over year and down 86.9% from pre-pandemic levels in November 2019, when Macau’s gambling industry generated $2.85 billion in revenue.

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