LG Coach Lee Ho-joon confessed his honest feelings, “Why did I become a victim…”

Coach Lee Ho-joon won the Professional Leader Award at the 2023 Nutrition Day Ilgu Awards held at Versailles Hall on the third floor of the Rivera Hotel in Seoul on the 8th.

Lee has been credited with leading LG`s batting average to the best in the league through active communication with players. LG topped the list with team batting average of 0.279, on-base percentage of 0.361, and slugging percentage of 0.394.

After receiving the award, coach Lee Ho-joon said, “It’s all the more an honor to receive this award from our seniors. I thank Cha Myung-seok, the team’s general manager, for allowing me to serve as a coach at LG,” adding, “Thanks to Yeom Kyung-yeop’s clear instructions on the direction of batting this season, the players’ performance was also very good. I think I made a good result because the players understood and accepted that part well. I also want to say thank you to hitting coach Mo Chang-min, who is always silently and honestly beside me and helps me well.” 안전 토토사이트

He then made significant remarks. “This season, our team won the championship overall, but it was worse than others. I want to win the championship next year and enjoy double what I didn’t enjoy this year,” Lee said. Lee’s acceptance speech naturally reminds me of the coach’s rumor that emerged right before the Korean Series.

LG was about to play in the Korean Series. The news spread that he had been nominated as the coach of SSG Landers, who had been vacant due to the dismissal of former coach Kim Won-hyung. Later, it was revealed that he was the final candidate for the interview. As coach Lee Ho-joon, he was embarrassed when the report came out when he had to play in the Korean Series. In conclusion, Lee did not become the coach of SSG. SSG appointed Lee Sung-yong, former head of KT Wiz’s training department, as the ninth coach.

Coach Lee Ho-joon said, “I can’t lie during interviews or broadcasts,” and said, “Actually, it was a bit unfair. After winning the unified championship for the first time in 29 years, people are enjoying it, and people are enjoying it just by looking at the streets, but I suddenly became a victim and had to avoid it.” “I was actually a little depressed because I thought, ‘Why do I have to go around like this?'” he said. “I think I didn’t come out of the house for about a week after winning the championship and thought a lot about it.”

Therefore, coach Lee Ho-joon was selected as the “Coach of the Year” at an awards ceremony on the 30th of last month, but did not appear at the ceremony.

“I called them and asked them for their understanding. So I thought I should leave today instead of avoiding them.” After thinking a lot, I thought, “Why do I have to be a victim? I must have courage to attend today’s award ceremony.”

My family also had a hard time with this incident.

“Both of my sons play baseball. But they suffered damage because of me,” coach Lee said. “After the rumor about the coach came out, many people asked me. After it was revealed that I did not become a coach, my sons comforted me, but I think I had a hard time,” he said. “I was having a drink with my eldest son and he suddenly shed tears while talking about baseball. I am so sorry and heartbroken. I am the problem. I want my family to be happy, but I am sad that I cannot.”

Now I have shaken it off. Coach Lee Ho-joon said, “I look forward to next year. I’m so sad that my team won the title in 29 years but I didn’t enjoy it. If I win next year, I’m going to overdo it. I’m going to pass out.”

Lim Chan-kyu is also well aware of the difficulties coach Lee Ho-joon put in. “Coach was very sorry to the players as we talked about this and that in the middle or the second half of the season. He asked me to be nice to the pitchers. You don’t have to feel sorry at all to be honest with you. I hope the players don’t feel sorry because they were all united with Ji-hwan and respected Coach Lee Ho-joon,” Lim said. “I hope you enjoy it for a short time from now on, and if it doesn’t work out, I believe the players will be able to enjoy it next year.”

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