LG Bus, which departs late, is the closest to the finish line

LG always had a hard time at the end. At the end of the season, the batting line cooled cold, chasing the first place to the bottom of the chin. In 2021, there was a 1.5-game gap between the No. 1 group KT and Samsung. He had a team batting average of 0.242 (10th) and a team OPS of 0.659 (10th) in 53 games since September.

In 2022, which was two games apart from SSG, the team also had a team batting average of 0.251 (9th) and a team OPS of 0.679 (9th) in 32 games played since September. In 2022, the team was second in this category with a team batting average of 0.269 for the season and the team OPS was second with a 0.742, but the batters failed to cheer up at the most important moment in the pennant race.

This year, I tried to break away from it. The first plan was rotation through the use of depth, an advantage. He consistently hired backup players as starters to reduce his dependence on key players and try to arrange his physical strength. 바카라

However, Son Ho-young and Lee Jae-won, who will be the main pillars in the internal and external rotation, failed to open due to injuries. Even after returning, he was injured or sluggish, and no rotation plan was made. Kim Ki-yeon, who opened as the second catcher, also went down to the second division in early June.

In the end, dependence on starting players increased again. Moon Bo-kyung and Park Hae-min have exceeded 1,000 defensive innings. Hong Chang-ki, Park Dong-won, Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Sung-joo and Austin Dean also had more than 850 defensive innings.

But the results are different. In 14 games from the match against Hanwha in Jamsil on September 1 to the doubleheader against SSG on September 17, he marked 0.321 (1st place) and 0.826 (2nd place) in Team OPS. Although there are few samples, unlike before, the batting line burns hot as it approaches the winning point. At the same time, the momentum of the come-from-behind victory with the powerful batting line-up does not stop. More than half of the total wins (74 wins) came from behind (38 wins).

It’s not just a result. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop chose to minimize physical consumption from training. Team training hours have been drastically shortened since July when the heat wave is facing. In the home game, he delayed his appearance on the ground as much as possible. In the case of the doubleheader on the 17th, the first round of the match will begin at 2 p.m., and the team’s commute time is set at 12:30 p.m.

The away game is also shocking. Teams facing LG have completed only minimal training to the point where they tilt their heads. Usually, the away team unpacks in the dugout and starts warming up from 4 p.m. as of 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. However, LG did not show up well after 4 o’clock. After 5 o’clock, he arrived at the baseball stadium and went into practice with a significant reduction in training time.

Coach Yeom said with a smile, “This was the only way,” adding, “Our team has a lot of training that the players themselves do.” There are players who train a lot autonomously, from (Kim) Hyun-soo to (Oh) Ji-hwan and (Park) Hae-min, but there was no proper way to stop them. So when I was just playing away, I left the bus late. The only way was to get the bus from the accommodation to the ballpark to leave as late as possible,” he said.

It is a time when conditions are deteriorating and injuries continue, and LG has no leavers due to injuries among the main fielders. During the away game, the bus leaves the last, but it is the closest to the pennant race finish. As he escaped from the Vinta jinx at the end of the regular season, he remains unwavering in September.

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