Klinsman, who explained the “controversy over two jobs,” said, “I get paid for broadcasting, but it’s not a two-time job…The process of communicating with world football”

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Klinsmann, will play the first round of the evaluation in October against Tunisia at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th. After that, the venue will be moved to Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th to hold the second match against Vietnam.

The national team will convene at Paju NFC on the 9th for afternoon training. Ahead of the training, Klinsmann met with reporters and held a press conference. He recently responded to a controversial issue.

The biggest controversy is working from home abroad. Klinsmann returned home with the national team players after a European away trip in September after controversy erupted. However, Klinsmann left for the U.S. only five days later, causing controversy.

Klinsmann said, “I know the domestic public opinion because a national team official told me. The role of the national team coach is a little different. Of course, if I were a K-League manager, I would have stayed in Korea. However, the national team coach should know what happens in Europe. “When there is no game in Korea, I have to watch the Champions League game and go to Europe,” he replied.

He then said, “In September, I came because I thought it was important to move to Korea with the team. That’s my lifestyle. Unlike the previous coach, he will be unfamiliar to the Korean media. But this is how I work. If I have free time, I will live my life. If I have a laptop, that’s my office,” he said confidently, adding that he would continue to work from home abroad.

Clinsmann’s ESPN panel activities at home in the U.S. were also pointed out as a problem. He first took care of overseas soccer such as Lionel Messi and Harry Kane transfer, when it was not enough to watch the K-League. Controversy over the Korean national team coach’s making money again from appearing on the show also erupted. 안전놀이터

Klinsmann said, “I’m also waiting for the appearance of the Korean Broadcasting System. Communication is important to me. ESPN is my home. They are watching the Champions League and discussing what’s going on globally and who did well on the Internet. Because soccer is a pleasure to me. Just because I’m on the show doesn’t mean I’m a two-job. It also talks to the BBC (UK) and the US. I also talk to Sky Italia. It is a process to learn world football. Everything is communication. There is something to be learned from athletes and officials from other continents, he said.

I asked again if I was paid for appearing on the show. Klinsmann said, “Of course, I get paid by the network. I don’t know for sure how much I get paid. It also received a million dollar offer (US$1 million, about KRW 1.25 billion) in Europe. He said he would give me a lot of money. However, it is more important than money to be able to learn soccer through broadcasting, he admitted.

An official from the Korea Football Association also said that there is no major problem with Clinsmann’s appearance on overseas broadcasts because there is no problem with his work and it was discussed in advance. Klinsmann is also known to be willing to appear on Korean broadcasting.

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