Kim Jaehee…Rising Star’s “Cool Reaction”

In July last year, there was a scene that caught the attention of reporters in the first round of the “Daebo Hausdy Open” (total prize money of 1 billion won, winning prize of 180 million won) held at Seowon Valley CC (par 72, 6,639 yards) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

Kim Jae-hee’s outfit, which was loved by photographers for her cute beauty and cute pose every time in the 2021 season, had a slight gap between the top and bottom. When moving for a tee shot, it drew attention for its colorful color, but the tee shot location was a hill and the photojournalist’s coverage seat was down.

With a powerful tee shot, Kim Jae-hee’s unintended slim S-line was exposed. It wasn’t an exposure accident, but it seemed to be the most dizzying tee shot ever. However, Kim Jae-hee moved for the second shot with a cool and cute pose. 카지노사이트 순위

Kim Jae-hee, a former dream tour prize money king in 2020, participated in 27 competitions on her first regular tour last year and won prize money in 17 competitions. He received a prize of 168,716,167 won in the 2021 season, ranking 47th in the prize money ranking.

It’s not a bad result on the first regular tour. He was also occasionally named in the TOP 10 to show his rookie spirit. Although he has yet to win the regular tour, he is showing signs of progress.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-hee signed a sponsorship contract with Medi Hill Golf Club in the 2022 season and will go on the field wearing a Medi Hill hat. The Medi Hill Golf Team consists of Annarin, Kim Jae-hee, Kim Se-young, Ryu So-yeon, Choi Hye-young, Lee Da-yeon and Ahn Ji-hyun.

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