Kim Jae-yeol, Chairman of ISU, ‘Late Son-in-law Lee Kun-hee’, Korea’s 12th IOC member

The IOC held its 141st general meeting in Mumbai, India on the 17th, and elected a total of eight people, including Chairman Kim, as new members. Earlier on the 9th of last month, Chairman Kim was recommended as an IOC member through the IOC Executive Committee, and his appointment was confirmed at the general meeting, the final approval process. Chairman Kim easily won more than half of the 75 IOC members who participated in the general assembly vote with 72 votes in favor, one against, and two abstentions. Kim has become the 12th Korean member of the IOC. 바카라

Kim, the second son-in-law of the late former Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee and husband of Lee Seo-hyun, chairman of the Samsung Welfare Foundation, has long attracted attention as a candidate for the Korean IOC. Having served as the international vice chairman of the Korea Skating Union in 2010 and became the 28th president of the Korea Skating Union in 2011, he has contributed greatly to strengthening the international competitiveness of the domestic ice skating community. Chairman Kim, who served as vice chairman of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and IOC Coordinator for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, became the first non-European to win the ISU presidential election in June last year.

Chairman Kim became an IOC member as a representative of the International Federation (IF). IOC members with a maximum capacity of 115 will consist of individual qualifications (up to 70), IF representatives, National Olympic Committee (NOC) representatives, and athletes’ qualifications (up to 15 each). He is called a “sports president” with enormous authority to determine key IOC issues such as selecting the venue for the Olympics. The total number of IOC members, including Chairman Kim, has increased to 107, including eight elected through this general meeting.

The number of active Korean IOC members has also increased to three, including Chairman Kim, KOC President Lee Ki-heung and Yoo Seung Min athletes. Seven countries have more than three IOC members, including France (4), South Korea, China, Japan, Italy, Sweden and Germany (3). Considering that Yoo Seung Min’s term of office is until the Paris Olympics next August, and that Lee Ki-heung can only serve until 2025, when he turns 70 under the Olympic Charter, Chairman Kim’s appointment as an IOC member has opened up a little in Korean sports diplomacy. Park In-bee, the “Golf Empress” who was recently selected as a candidate for the new Korean player committee, is aiming for the election to be held during the Paris Olympics.

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