Kim Ha-sung also suffered from the “Okakgarak S Zone,” no hit in four times at bat → consecutive hits, on-base suspension…2 days in a row! SD 3 consecutive wins

San Diego Padres’ Kim Ha-sung, who had been in the top spot of “sixth base” for two days, failed to continue the good flow. On this day, he failed to produce a hit, putting the brakes on both the on-base and hit streak. Kim Ha-sung started the 2024 Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics home showdown at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 13th (Korea time) and recorded no hits in four times at bat. 토토사이트 추천

Kim Ha-sung rose to the point where the water rose. Kim Ha-sung, who drew his eighth and ninth arches of the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks from the 9th to the 10th, showed off his unrivaled presence with one hit, two walks, two RBIs and one walk in the first game of the three consecutive games against Oakland on the 11th. He started the game happily from the start of the game the previous day (12th), and exploded with one hit, two walks and one run scored through a stormy run on an infield hit to the first baseman. After drawing four walks in two days, Kim Ha-sung rose to fourth place with only walks in the National League.

Did he feel that his batting performance has been good lately? On the day, Coach Mike Shildt placed Kim Ha-sung at the center of the sixth batter’s box for the first time in a long time. However, he did not get off to a good start early in the game. With his team leading 1-0, Kim stuck out a 81.2 mile changeup, which was driven to the middle of the strike zone by Oakland starter Hogan Harris at the first batter’s box at the bottom of the second inning with no outs. However, he started the game with a fly ball heading straight to center field.

In his second at-bat, he did not get a hit that he had been looking forward to. Confronting Harris once again with two outs and a runner on first base in the bottom of the fourth inning, Kim once again stuck out his bat when a four-seam fastball of 92.8 miles (about 149.3 kilometers) hit the strike zone in his fifth pitch, a highly favorable count of 3B-1S. This time, however, the ball failed to escape the infield, and he grounded out to shortstop.

At the third batter’s box, the strike zone was very back and forth. In a showdown with Oakland’s new pitcher Danny Jimenez, Kim was lucky enough to be called a “ball” despite the fact that his 91.1 mile (146.6 km) fastball was in the strike zone, and despite the fact that his 5th 92.4 mile (148.7 km) fastball was completely out of the strike zone in the 3B-1S, he suffered the bad luck of being called a strike.

Kim Ha-sung, who played a full-count match with Jimenez in a situation where good luck and bad luck coexist, hit a very low-course fastball that was out of Jimenez’s sixth pitch of the strike zone, and as a result, he was grounded out to the second base. And both consecutive hits and on-base marches were stopped as he failed to produce a hit in his fourth at-bat.

Kyle Higashioka’s walk-off home run drove the San Diego Padres to clinch a two-game winning streak. Unlike the previous day, San Diego scored the first point. In the bottom of the second inning, leadoff hitter Donovan Solano successfully got the upper hand by banking on a 94.7-mile fastball over the left fence after a tenacious game with Oakland starter Harris to reach the ninth pitch. Then, Jackson Merrill, the leadoff hitter in the fifth inning, drew an additional arch to make it 2-0.

Oakland was not being hit, either. In the top of the sixth inning, leadoff hitter JJ Bloody had a hit, and Miguel Anduha also had a hit, giving the team a chance to hit first and second bases. Then, San Diego made a big mistake by sending in starter Michael King and Wandy Peralta. Peralta’s timely hit by Tyler Soderstrom and Shay Langelius gave him the upper hand.

In an upbeat mood, Oakland widened the gap to 2-4 with Zack Geloff exploding an RBI double when leadoff hitter Seth Brown walked and made a breakthrough in the top of the eighth inning. San Diego’s lineup also gained strength as a result. With two outs and a runner on first base in the bottom of the eighth inning, Solano successfully balanced the game 4-4. He thus perfectly performed his role as the fourth batter on the day. And San Diego laughed at the end. As Merrill hit a walk-off home run in offense in the bottom of the ninth inning, San Diego ended its three-game series with a sweep as it secured the win with a walk-off home run for two consecutive days.

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