Lee Jung-hoo, watch out for his “glass body,” two consecutive years of major injuries… 86 games in 2023 and only 37 games in 2024

Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) is expected to start rehabilitation. 토토사이트 추천

San Francisco’s Bay News Lab reported on the 12th (Korea Standard Time) that Lee Jung-hoo, who underwent successful shoulder surgery, will begin his rehabilitation process in San Francisco this week.

Lee will reportedly undergo rehabilitation program for about six months. He will likely play on the opening day of next year`s season.

However, if Lee Jung-hoo does not pay close attention to his own management, he may continue to suffer large and small injuries.

Lee had surgery for two consecutive years. When he was with Kiwoom Heroes in the KBO League in 2023, he only played 86 games due to left ankle surgery. He was out for the first time in 37 games due to shoulder surgery on his debut year in the Major League.

Not only Lee Jung-hoo but also San Francisco are concerned. Lee Jung-hoo is the only player who was out early in the season after suffering a serious injury in his debut year in the Major League.

Lee Jung-hoo has suffered from hamstring and other minor injuries since this year’s exhibition game.

In the game against the Colorado Rockies on May 9 (Korea time) after entering the season, he missed three consecutive games after being bruised by his left foot by a foul ball.

And on the 13th when he returned, he suffered a left shoulder injury
He wore it. In the game against the Cincinnati Reds, Lee Jung-hoo, who was chasing a home run hit by Jaymer Candelario with two outs in the top of the first inning, jumped to catch the ball, but crashed into the fence and collapsed

Later, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) tests found “structural damage” on the left shoulder that collided with the fence, and after meeting with a number of medical staff and coordinating opinions, he eventually got on the operating table.

Lee Jung-hoo of the San Francisco Giants suffered from major and minor injuries in the KBO league as well. He also underwent two surgeries.

When he was with the Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom), he hurt his left shoulder while running to third base after hitting a sweeping double against Lindblom at full base with no outs against the Doosan Bears on June 19, 2018. In the end, he was absent several weeks due to ruptured labyrinthine joints in his left shoulder.

Then, in the second round of the semi-playoff against the Hanwha Eagles on October 20, he suffered damage to his left shoulder joint and net and underwent surgery to suture his left shoulder’s anterior and posterior joints.

In the game on August 15, 2021, he was rested due to flank pain, which was cleared in the first team due to lingering pain, although tests showed no abnormalities, and he was restored to the first team about three weeks later.

On July 22, 2023, against the Lotte Giants, he felt pain in his ankle after dealing with Kim Min-seok’s hit during defense in the bottom of the eighth inning, and as a result of the examination, he felt pain in his ankle
He was diagnosed with damage to his left ankle and underwent surgery. He played in one game at the end of this season.

Lee should pay more attention to his health than to his performance in the Major League. Once injured, there is a possibility that another player will be injured. There are many players who have become “glass bodies” like that.

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