Kim Eun-joong and Byun Sung-hwan, who led representatives by age, said, “Parents of athletes should not be in a hurry.”

Former U-20 national team coach Kim Eun-joong, who won the semifinals of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup, and U-17 national team coach Byun Sung-hwan, who led the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup, called for patience from young players’ parents. 스포츠토토킹

According to the Korea Football Association on the 21st, head coach Kim Eun-joong said at a KFA soccer empathy talk concert held on the 23rd floor of Kyobo Life Insurance’s headquarters on the 20th, “Parents should not be in a hurry.” He pointed out, “My child is worse than that player, and if he thinks he lacks physical strength, he keeps asking his child to do something.”

Coach Kim advised that players should wait for their growth. He said, “Each player has a period of growth. “I’m a little lacking right now, but I may grow later, and even if I do well right now, I may not grow later,” he said. “It’s the role of parents to trust their children, wait for them, give them faith, and silently support them next to them.”

Director Byun advised that it should be left to experts. “There are times when parents mistake themselves for professionals and diagnose and schedule their children, but it is important to trust and wait for them in their youth,” he said. “If our players like soccer, we should first find out how much they like soccer and ask experts for their opinions and deliver accurate information.” Only then can the child grow in the right direction,” he said.

Coach Byun pointed out that the environment that helps young players grow is important. “In particular, in youth, a high focus should be placed on tactics and skills, and the remaining 30% should be left to the competence of youth leaders,” he said. “It is because leaders should organize training so that they can see and grow players.”

Lim Da-yeon, a former member of the national swimming team and a full-time professor at Far East University, said the role of parents is important to grow into the right athlete. Professor Lim said, “In the special situation of sports, children have to suffer and survive in fierce and continuous competition.” He also said, “You may lose your dream in an instant due to unexpected situations such as unexpected injuries and slumps,” adding, “On the other hand, the door to success is too narrow to become a professional player, a national team player, and an Olympic medal.”

Professor Lim advised that parents should have an ethical consciousness. He said, “If my child wants to succeed as a sports player as much as possible, it must be a sports environment in which other children can succeed as much as possible,” adding, “As a parent, I have to think deeply about whether my choice will help my child’s work or damage other children for my child.”

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