It is common for only competition officials and players’ families to fill the stands.

However, the scenery of Naju Sports Park’s inline roller stadium, where the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival roller skating competition was held on the 14th, was a little different.

Ordinary fans who came to enjoy roller skating clapping their hands and cheering from all over the stands. In particular, family fans with young children stood out.

They agreed that they came to “intuition” in the wake of the “ceremony reversal defeat” at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. 슬롯머신

In the 3,000m relay race at the Hangzhou Games, South Korea’s last runner Jeong Chul-won (Andong City Hall) was overturned by a Taiwanese athlete while performing an “early” ceremony just before crossing the finish line.

The fact that two of the three South Korean teams, including Jeong Chul-won, missed military service exemption benefits in front of their eyes doubled the dramatic effect.

It is a tragedy that is hard to come back to life for Korean athletes who had to win a tearful silver medal rather than the gold medal they expected. Ironically, however, Korean roller skating has a far greater “promotional effect.”

Kim Mi-mi (42), who came to the stadium with her elementary school children who do short track as a hobby, said, “I knew there was roller skating, but I learned that I can even play sports with it through the ‘Jeong Chul-won incident’.”

“I live in Gwangju, and I heard that there is a roller competition at the National Sports Festival in Naju, so I came here for the first time. I also found out for the first time that there is a roller stadium in Naju, he said. “I think I’ll come again if the competition is held here next time.”

Fans said they are particularly attracted to the fact that it is difficult to predict the outcome until the end.

Although it is rare to be defeated in reverse while performing a ceremony like Jeong Chul-won, it is very common in roller skating that the ranking is reversed at the time of crossing the finish line.

If the runner runs behind the leader, he or she will be less resistant to air and save power. Then, ahead of the finish line, he spurs explosively to achieve a reversal.

Compared to short track, which is the most similar event, the last-minute reversal takes place more in roller skating.

Short track has a finish line halfway between the corner and the corner, but the finish line of the roller skate track is at the corner entrance. Therefore, it runs a relatively longer straight section at the end, and the possibility of reversal increases.

There is also a “rough” charm because it runs on the ground. It is unusual for players who were running at full speed to get tangled and fall, bleeding and tearing their flesh. Roller skating is a sport that has its raw charm like mixed martial arts.

Yang Sun-ho (Seoul, Pyeong-gu Office), who fell during the men’s 10,000m race, showed his right arm, which was seriously hurt, and said, “There are many places where I am not sure. This is nothing,” he said with a smile.

Korea has more than 40 years of roller skating history. However, the charm of roller skating is now becoming widely known.

A business team leader laughed, saying, “Jung Chul-won did what neither Gook Chae-yi nor Woo Hyo-sook did as a killer.”

“I think there were many people who didn’t even know there was a roller competition because it was a non-recognition event beyond unpopularity,” Jeong Chul-won said. “I made a rash mistake, but fortunately, many fans are thankfully interested in it.” I hope roller will become a stepping stone to become a popular event,” he said.

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