The Barcelona ‘Rumor of recruiting Mitoma’ Knocks Again for Japan’s Large Company Sponsor…”Negotiating with IT companies.”

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo said, “Mitoma is the favorite player of Barcelona staff and scouts,” adding, “He has the ability to break the opponent’s balance and score goals.” In particular, he praised, “He is excellent at breaking down defenders from the left side.”

He also mentioned that Mitoma wrote a paper on dribbling when he was at Tsukuba University in the past, saying, “His qualities and intelligence will be able to establish themselves in Barcelona.”

A number of Japanese media also spotlighted the Mundo Deportivo report. “Tokyo Sports” reported on the 15th that “Barcelona, which is interested in recruiting Mitoma, is negotiating with a Japanese company for sponsorship.” 슬롯머신

The media carried a comment from an official of a sports marketing agency of a large domestic company. The official said, “Barcelona can sign a sponsorship contract with a Japanese company. There are several candidates, and IT-themed large companies are the most likely.”

“Tokyo Sports” mentioned that Barcelona signed a large sponsorship contract with its company Rakuten until the 2021-2022 season. In the meantime, Barcelona, which is suffering from financial difficulties, is looking for a new sponsor for Japanese companies. One of them wrote that negotiations are underway as an IT company showed interest.

In addition to Barcelona’s brand power, Japanese companies will aim to increase their corporate value by inducing them to recruit Japanese national players, he said. “Barcelona is active in recruiting players such as Takefusa Kubo (Real Sociedad) as well as Mitoma.”

Mitoma and Brighton’s contract is due in the summer of 2025. The two sides are reportedly negotiating an extension contract, and local reports continue that Mitoma is also interested in major English Premier League (EPL) big clubs.

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