In Yo-han “Jun-seok has no morality, parents’ fault”… Lee Joon-seok “Is pad lip innovation?”

“Jun-seok has no morality. It seems that it is his parents’ fault, not his fault,” In Yo-han, chairman of the innovation committee, was quoted as saying to Lee Joon-seok on Wednesday. Lee immediately protested, saying, “I’ve never seen anyone curse their parents while playing politics. Is pad lip (rude verbal fight) an innovation?” Amid rumors over former lawmaker Choi Kang-wook’s female remarks, the ruling camp also points out that the risk of abusive language is growing ahead of next year’s general elections.

According to the ruling camp, Chairman In was a lecturer at the Youth and Party Innovation Training held by the People’s Power Seosan and Taean Party members’ council in Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, in the afternoon, and criticized, “Jun-seok has no morality, and he has no morality. It seems that it is not Jun-seok’s fault, but his parents’ fault.” According to an on-site official, the remarks came after Chairman In was explaining the process of recently reaching out to former Chairman Lee for integration within the party, adding, “Jun-seok doesn’t know what to do, but he still needs to go and embrace it.” An official from the party at the scene said, “Chairman In did not properly call him former Chairman Lee Joon-seok by mixing ‘Lee Jun-seok’ and ‘Junseok’,” and added, “As the party members at the scene burst into laughter at Chairman In’s words, Chairman In also seems to have been ‘up’.”

Some analysts say that after Lee called In “Mr. Linton” and sparked controversy over his “hate speech,” In expressed his disappointment. In attended Lee’s talk concert in Busan on April 4 as an audience member as part of the committee’s integration, but Lee called In “Mr. Linton” and said in English, “You did not deserve to be here today.” In’s English name is John Alderman Linton. Born in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, there were strong criticisms inside and outside the party over his English-language response to In.

However, politicians criticize that it was inappropriate to criticize parents. They say that it is unprecedented to criticize a politician by attracting his or her parents. 스포츠토토

Lee also got angry when In, who was criticized by Lee for being inappropriate, made inappropriate remarks against Lee. Lee posted on his Facebook page on the evening of the day when the fact was reported, “I’ve never seen anyone curse their parents while playing politics. Is pad lip innovation?”

“More than half of Daegu’s lawmakers may be replaced (in next year’s general elections),” Lee, who is preparing to launch a new party, visited Daegu, the core support base of the people’s power. “If I establish a new party and run in Daegu, I will never come out alone. If I make a decision (on establishing a new party), it could be faster (than December 27), but there will be no reason to delay it.” The organizers’ estimate of 1,600 people gathered at the talk concert on “Our Worries for a Better Future” held on the same day by Lee and his supporters.

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