Hwang Ui-jo, who received a pass near the penalty arc, did not catch it and scored a non-stop shot in the 12th minute of the first half to lead the team 1-0 in the 18th round of the 2023-24 England Championship at Vicarage Road in Watford, England.

The ball, which left Hwang`s right foot, stretched out forcefully before falling in front of the goalpost. Watford goalkeeper reached out but failed to reach it. “It was a blockbuster shot from 30 yards (27 meters) away, like a thunderbolt,” Sky Sports of the U.K. said.

Hwang Ui-jo celebrated with open arms and shared the joy of scoring with his teammates with a big smile. Hwang Ui-jo also started the home game against Queens Park Rangers on the 29th and scored the first winning goal in the 21st minute of the first half.

Hwang Ui-jo, who left Girodin Bordeaux in France in August last year and moved to Nottingham Forest in the Premier League, was loaned to Norwich City this season to get time to play through Olympiacos in Greece and FC Seoul in the K-League. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

After completing the adaptation period with a substitute in the early days of joining the team, he seems to be leading the competition for the starting lineup with the existing striker Adam Ida with five consecutive starts.

“Hwang Ui-jo is a very good soccer player in terms of skill, professional ethics and understanding of the game,” Norwich City coach David Wagner said. “There is a reason why Hwang Ui-jo has played more than 50 games for the Korean national team. He has adapted well and understands what we want.”

However, Hwang Ui-jo was replaced in the 17th minute of the first half because he felt pain in his leg. It was a scene where hamstring pain was suspected. Coincidentally, the situation of the game changed sharply after Hwang Ui-jo was taken out. Norwich City allowed Ismael Kone to score in the 30th minute of the first half and Mileta Lazovic to score the equalizer three minutes later.

Then, after giving up a come-from-behind goal to Yasser Aspriya in the 77th minute of the second half, the team fell to 2-3. Norwich City failed to continue its three-game winning streak and remained in the 14th place with 23 points.

Meanwhile, the Korea Football Association (KFA) formed a discussion body consisting of members of the ethics committee, the Fair Trade Commission, and the National Power Enhancement Committee on the afternoon of the 28th to discuss Hwang Ui-jo’s recent “illegal filming of sex” and said, “We have decided not to select Hwang Ui-jo for the national team until a clear conclusion is reached on the facts.”

Lee Yoon-nam, chairman of the ethics committee who presided over the meeting, explained, “Although the dispute over whether the crime is true or not continues and the association cannot predict and conclude the case under investigation, the national team must self-manage as a player representing the country with a high degree of morality and responsibility, and is in a position not to do anything that can damage the reputation of the national team.”

Hwang Ui-jo was investigated as a suspect by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 17th after the illegally filmed sex video was released on social media in June.

According to Article 6 (duty of integrity and maintenance of dignity) of the operation regulations of the national soccer team of the Korea Football Association, “As a representative of the country, members of the national team at all levels should refrain from acts that undermine their dignity and maintain a sense of social responsibility and morality.” Regarding Hwang Ui-jo’s current controversy, one cannot ignore his view as a reason for disqualification. Violations of maintaining dignity were often used as grounds for disciplinary action in other sports as well.

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