Gas Corp. to face Lee Dae-Sung–Another ‘Rivalry Match’ Is Born

Lee Dae-sung’s return to Korea after a year away from overseas league play will create a new rivalry matchup for Daegu KOGAS, which will face Seoul Samsung this season.

Lee’s return to the KBL after a year abroad for reasons of growth and challenge means that KOGAS will not receive the 1.1 billion won ($1.1 million) worth of compensation he would have been entitled to if he had made the move last year, nor the full 270 million won in compensation players and 홀덤 compensation.

At his return press conference with the Seoul Samsung, Lee apologized to KOGAS and the fans, saying that “there was no sincere offer from KOGAS,” and that there was no institutional compensation plan, but that he would ask the club.

GASCO and Samsung, who are in an uncomfortable situation over Lee Dae-sung’s contract, are expected to create a strange tension with the ‘Lee Dae-sung Match’ in each of their upcoming matches.

After the so-called “Daegu Derby,” in which GASCO reunited with Orion, which left for Yabando Province a decade ago, in its hometown of Daegu in 2021, the first year of its existence, another rivalry match will be highlighted this season against Samsung.

GAS went 2-4 in the rivalry match in the 2021-22 season, its first year of existence, against Goyang Orion, the former Daegu team that relocated to Goyang.