Former Manchester City’s DF side job has 2,300 times “excellent profits” 25 million won investment, 58 billion won in sales every year “Jackpot” Chelsea Winger and many other stars are guests “success stories.”

The player who played in the English Premier League but failed to shine is now said to have been rejected as he entered the fashion business. In particular, the money that Lee invested on the side has increased thousands of times more than what he earned as a player.

The protagonist of the Sun’s report on Monday is Reece Wabara, who played as a right back for Manchester City. When he was an athlete in 2013, he invested in the fashion business and reportedly grew his business to the point where his annual sales reached 34.7 million pounds.

Wabara was able to succeed with soccer in his own way. It was because he had soccer DNA in his body. Grandfather Lawrence played for Nigeria and his uncle played for Rangers and Liverpool. He came from a family that has been a soccer player for three generations.

So Wabara was scouted by Manchester City at the age of 16. Three years later, he signed a three-year contract for £1 million and became a professional player. However, he did not play for long.

Wabara later confessed that he knew that his football days in Manchester City were coming to an end at the time. Seeing this, his father talked about designing life after football and advised that a second option was needed to stabilize him financially.

In 2013, Wabara decided to invest in a field she was most interested in: fashion. One of his friends was Lewis Morgan, who created Jim Shark, a leisure wear. With his advice, he invested 15,000 pounds in a fashion brand. It was about 25 million Korean won.

Even when he was an athlete, Wabara always drew attention by wearing different clothes. Even his friends said that he needed to run a fashion business. 파워볼실시간

Wabara eventually invested in fashion brand Maniere De Voir on the advice of his school friend, Lewis Morgan. Wabara, who is also a former England U20 international, entered full-fledged business after retiring from Bolton Wanderers in 2017.

About 10 years after investing on the side, Wabara’s company has grown into a company with annual sales of £34.7 million. It is about W58 billion.

Many celebrities like Wabara’s brand. Not only sports stars such as Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling, professional boxer Anthony Joshua, but also girl group Little Mix singer Perry Edwards are famous people who visit Wabara’s brand.

Wabara recalled, “I founded the MDV and launched the collection at the end of 2013. The first clothes I produced were tracksuit, T-shirts, and hoodies. I wore them to football players I knew, and they were popular.”

“My soccer career didn’t go as I intended. But the business grew at a remarkable pace. I had to choose one because concentration was important for both of them,” he said, explaining why he jumped into the fashion industry.

In fact, I couldn’t feel full at the first drink. Nonetheless, sales in the first year amounted to £1 million. Seven years later, it reached £30.2 million. And this year, it increased to £34.7 million.

Wabara has raised more than £26 million in personal wealth. It is more than Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and similar to rapper Stormzy.

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