Foreigners Leaving Samsung Due to Injury… KBO Tteok of Painting? “I heard you’re going to the U.S.”

There were advantages and disadvantages. It was easy to adapt in that he experienced Asian baseball. The Japanese team’s scouting proved that he was a pitcher with his own charm. In fact, Suarez was a fastball pitcher who easily hit 150 kilometers per hour. However, there was a lot of injuries, and there was still a perception that there was a reason for the failure in Japan.

When I opened the lid, Samsung was right. Its fastballs, which average 150 kilometers per four-seam fastballs, were just as I had heard. He was not just a pitcher relying on his pitching. He knew how to manage games, throw various breaking balls, and control suddenness. He was also a fielder, who constantly increased his speed and threatened batters at important moments. He pitched 173 ⅔ innings in 30 games in 2022, and scored a goal of renewing his contract with 6 wins, 8 losses and an ERA of 2.49. As the second starting pitcher for foreigners, no pitcher was better than this.

Compared to last year, the team showed sluggish performance this year. It had only four wins and seven losses in 19 games. While it was not just yesterday and today that the team had no luck with the win, its ERA significantly increased to 3.92. As the pitching power became somewhat dull compared to the previous year, there were concerns that the hit rate had increased. Still, he was an explosive player. However, he was hampered by his injury. He was diagnosed with a four-week diagnosis in August when his left calf ruptured. It was time for Samsung to make efforts to come out of last place, and a month without foreign players was too cruel. In the end, Samsung released Suarez.

As Samsung was forced to release Suarez at the time, the right of suspension disappeared. In other words, Suarez is a free body. He can sign contracts with any team in the KBO League. His performance in 2023 has declined somewhat, and next year, at age 35 is a burden. However, he still has the ability to throw fastballs. If the team’s performance is a little better, he could be a proven second-choice player for foreigners. As a result, several KBO League teams directly or indirectly checked Suarez’s physical condition after the season ended. It was a move that took into account recruitment.

What these teams have in common is that they needed to replace foreign pitchers. They did not regard Suarez as a foreign ace, but they still looked into his potential as the second starting pitcher. However, most teams withdrew their support in early November. Suarez’s agency confirmed that he wants to return to the U.S. So far, there has been no change of opinion. “The player seems to have a firm will to go to the U.S.,” a team official said, adding that he removed the player from the list.

For Suarez, this could be his last chance to return to the U.S. Next year, he will be 35 years old. If he goes any further, his return to the U.S. could be blocked. As more and more players in the KBO League return to the U.S. to succeed, there is also hope. Major League guarantee contracts may not be possible, but there are cases in which players return to the Major League through minor league contracts. Ben Lively, who played for Samsung, is also a case in point. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Suarez has no recollection of playing in the Major League. Since his Major League debut in 2016 after joining the San Francisco Giants, Suarez has displayed good performance with three wins and five losses and an ERA of 4.29 in 22 games (12 starts) during his debut season. However, his momentum did not expand. The following year, he lost three games and posted an ERA of 5.12 in 18 games before disappearing from the Major League in 2017. Since then, he has played in Japan and Korea, and if he returns to the Major League as he pleases next year, it will be the first time in seven years.

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